Educational marketing by Insurance advisor works !

Some of the best financial advisors I know have built their business by focusing educating their prospects rather than heavy marketing. Now, this might sound weird to some but do read on to understand my perspective on this.


Now the whole educational marketing for financial advisors works on the unique insight that people want to work with people that they like and trust. And educating people is the best way to get both these aspects covered, by education people you build trust and people like you more than a salesperson who is just trying to pitch and close their deal.  In earlier times these financial Advisors used to conduct personal finance classes for a group of Apartments, offices or local institutes, college etc, they would also write blogs and share the content with the acquaintances.


Now, this is how it pays off when the current client find that his/her advisor is teaching and spreading so much knowledge across personal finance they feel validated for choosing that advisor. It becomes easier to refer friends and family to such an advisor who is serving as a subject matter expert in public domain


When a prospective client sees the financial advisor sharing knowledge and frankly being knowledgeable about Personal Finance they start trusting advisor more and believe that he has more than just the business agenda in mind. In short, the advisors build’s good credibility even before meeting the prospective clients.


Now all this free education is actually indirect marketing and to a great extent trusted marketing channel. Remember that the financial Advisors are not selling products they are selling advice. Hence by sharing this advice on regular basis on social media and other channels they are highlighting their service (knowledge) and over time they create a good professional brand across these mediums


Doing this is a professional manner takes effort and time that’s where Amplispot helps. We automate the process completely. The focus is on getting the followers and friends engage with this content on a regular basis which is important to build the trust and credibility in the community. Looking at all the educational content that the advisor shares the client believes that the advisor will lead them in the right direction


Hence, for this reason, it is very important that all the Advisors are active on various channels especially the social media channel because is one of the easiest channels to be active on, sharing advice on regular basis to help create the brand and trust in the market


My advice when it comes to educational marketing


  • Be hundred percent focused on making the making someone else's life better
  • Provide honest and valuable education
  • Realise that everyone reading this content will not become your client so stop expecting the returns immediately
  • Reply to all the comments and engagement that you get when you share content on social media
  • Position yourself as a professional advisor, not as a salesperson
  • Market educational content and not your business what I mean by this is whenever you meet acquaintance to tell him to check out your social profile and read all the content your put across this helps to build credibility and also great brand image in front of the acquaintances that have just made it
  • Recognise that nothing works instantly and immediately come it to be persistent for at least 18 months to see if you can make it work
  • Everytime you think of the word marketing replace that word with education


Hoping some of these Advisors will help you fine-tune your marketing strategy when it comes to your business


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