Examples of Insurance agents using social media effectively

Insurance companies have leveraged social media with 90 to 93% of the life insurance companies having social media programs in place. This is as per research by Limra world's largest Association of Life Insurance and financial services company.

Since insurance companies have actively leveraged social media it is also important that they equip their agents to use social media in the right manner. Agent channel being one of the oldest and foundational channels in the insurance industry it is important that insurance companies help these agent channels to convert to digital agent channels.

We thought it would be better off to share some examples of how insurance agents are presently online and what are the advantages that they have.

Equivalent of having a shop or office in a prime real estate of a small town of 4700 people


Insurance agent using social media effectively

In the first example, you can see the profile of Larry on LinkedIn. Larry is quite active on LinkedIn and has a good following of 4700 + professionals. By being active online, Larry can keep this 4700 professionals engaged and can create a mindshare that he is an insurance agent who can work out for them . These professionals can refer clients as and when their friends or family asks them about any insurance related generic queries. All he has to do is engage this network actively and without being too intrusive, the social media platform gives him the window to engage 4700 people continuously and get them to think about him when it comes to insurance. It is like having a shop or office in a prime real estate of a small town of 4700 people.


busy street for an insurance agent

To think about it; every insurance agent has this opportunity, they all have a prime presence in a network from 200 people and upwards


Not active but credible 


Insurance agent on social media

Now this is Glen's profile, Glen is not that active on LinkedIn but still has a follower of 1200 + professionals. The advantage that Glen has is whenever someone looks up or searches for Glen on Google this is a profile that comes up first. This profile acts as a good validation, trust building measure, and the first impression that he creates; which is better off than having no presence at all. This is especially true if at all Glen has to deal with millennial, most of the millennial find something suspicious if the person is not on social networks.


Food for thought messages subtle marketing at play


Insurance agent on social media

Now this is the Bianca's profile. Her status message, which talks about why you should have a separate life insurance, is a story that is practical and can happen to anyone. She talks about how people take health insurance and life insurance through their companies. When you actually get sick, over time you lose your job and once you lose your job you lose this insurance when you need it the most. It is a practical case and if you look at it, it has generated 47 likes & 4 comments i.e 51 engagements. From a social media stand point, some of the friends of these 51 people have also seen this post.


Insurance agent in networking event

It’s a huge reach that this one particular post has given her. Think of it being equivalent to walking into networking event where Bianca got a lot of people take notice of her. Many may do business with this person in future because of the validation from 51 people who have interacted with her. The comments are engaging and validate what Bianca is saying and drive home the point made by her.


Marketing based on current news 


Real time insurance marketing

Now this is a post shared by Jennifer during the Harvey hurricane. This type of content acts as a food for thought for people to think about what can happen and what can go wrong. People then to stop and give attention to such content, which is related to the current happening or current trending news.


Real examples of savings for customers


Insurance agent sharing on social

Here we see how Ren shares how he helps people save when it came to the home auto and life insurance policies. This is a subtle way of marketing and messages like this can be used to build trust with the rest of the followers and people who are engaging with this post.


Social media comment for insurance agent

If you look at the testimonials given below or the comments people have encouraged him and with Haley even going on to say that should buy the insurance from him whenever she has to buy one. 29 engagements to this post means the friends of these 29 people may have also seen this post. Messages and engagement like these can help in Insurance agents create a great personal brand online


Customer Testimonials 


insurance customer testimonial

Some insurance agents have even managed to get their customers to share messages on the social networks. Here you can see how Jonathan has shared the message which mentions that his funeral expenses and his children will be taken care of once he's gone. And how all this is possible because of the life insurance.

Such messages serve two purposes first it's a good testimonial and secondly, it's a very subtle marketing for insurance. If he had tagged his insurance agent it will be a good marketing and testimonial for the agent. Look at this content, it has generated 208 likes and 48 comments around 260 in total, which that means some of the friends of these 260 people have seen this post. It's a great reach that the insurance agent can get by getting the customer also to engage online(he should have got himself tagged too).


Subtle launch message 


Insurance agent using social media

In this post by Larry's shared how he's an insurance agent and his job is to protect your family. It's a nice way to announce that he is an agent to his network. If you read the message carefully it showcases the urgency of insurance and how things go wrong in a very positive way. This is a subtle way of marketing yourself as an insurance agent and giving a food for thought for your network to think about.

Now, these were some examples of how agents are leveraging social networks. 

As we said earlier, it is important insurance companies work together with their agents to get them to be active on social media and leverage social media as much as possible. We at Amplispot help insurance companies equip their agents to be present on social media click here to find out more

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