Tips to get referral from customers without looking desperate

Every business wants to grow and conquer more and more success. There are various methods in which it can be done, either get more marketing or create an attraction for the customers. More and enhanced referral marketing is robust to achieve but not impossible.

One of the various ways of growing your business is getting referrals. It contributes to a more significant percentage of business revenue if done correctly. Without referrals, you would just be caught up with putting countless hours online trying to drum up fresh leads.

Getting referrals might seem to be a challenging task but they are just a piece of cake. Though the most challenging task is to build the courage and take the risk, some people believe that they might ruin it by offending someone or by not speaking the right thing at the right time.

One of the basic process to get a referral is providing your best service possible. By providing what the customer desired, you have already gained another prospect.

Following are the specific statistics on the benefits of getting referrals for the business.

According to a survey, it's found that for B2B brands, a referral help converting two times better than social media or websites. 92% of customers say they trust earned media, for instance, word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends, which has increased by 20% since 2009.

Here are a few guidelines to get referrals from customers without looking needy:

1) Referrals need to be made. They are not kept ready on a platter for you:

The best way to find out something or get knowledge about something is by directly asking the other person. Similarly, to get referrals, you need to ask customers for it. It should be your daily routine. Though, before you go and start asking for referrals, you need to formulate a strategy.

According to an author, trainer and former financial advisor Frank Maselli, many people use old techniques or awkwardly ask clients for names. In spite of this, Maselli came up with a brilliant idea that people should create a conversation with them and then cleverly ask him for a referral in an indirect manner. Ask questions in a way that you are not begging for a favour.

Before starting, take a look at a few of the accessible resources for what should and what not should be done when you ask for referrals from your existing customers:

The first step of formulating a strategy is to decide which kind of referral is best for our business and which referral will help us gain maximum success. There are mainly three types of referrals:

  • Traditional word of mouth referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Online recommendations and reviews

The conventional way of word of mouth may be a booster for many industries, but the impact of online reviews is everlasting and seen. As per stats, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You need to contrive your strategy according to your business requirements. Though it has been proved fruitful to execute with the best business practices in mind. The author of “Pick up the damn phone,” Joanne Black, offers the following guidelines:

1.  Know what are you asking.
2. Earn trust before anything.
3. Be clear about what you require.
4. Ask for business and not only a contact.
5. Thank for their source.
6. If the source is converted into business, thank again

2) Accuracy and Consistency are “Sine Qua Non”

As the heading says, accuracy and consistency are “Sine Qua Non,” which means that accuracy and consistency are an “essential condition” when it comes to getting referrals.

You need to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the consumer by the consumption of your service or product. You don’t get referrals unless and until you have happy customers as asking dissatisfies customers is just a waste of time that can hamper your business’s reputation.

You need to ask for referrals very precisely, asking too early will make you seem too desperate whereas asking too late will result in leaving your requests ignored. The Business Administration advice to business owners is to: “Ask for referrals when the customer is in a mood to give them.”

It varies a lot depending on the customer to customer. Make sure you catch the customer when they are in their best mood. It will help you gain positive referrals.

Greeting someone is a humble way of respecting someone which makes them feel special. Same way, when you are out getting referrals, ensure that you greet them properly, thank them for their help and supports by gifts or thank you notes.

You can ask clients to upload photos thanking you for your work on social media sites due to which millions of people can see your work and consider your business. For small transactional businesses, they can offer discounts on their services.

3) Step formula to achieve referrals

STEP 1: Do your research and find out what method is beneficial for your business and other businesses like yours. Ask your client for referrals before or post your work for referrals.

STEP 2: the customer is the king of the market so their satisfaction must be your foremost priority. If they are happy with you, then they will go around and boast about your business to others.

STEP 3: taking a compliment well and thanking the customer is the last step. Appreciate their compliment and thank them in return in the form of gifts or thank you notes.

Lastly, compile all your efforts and make sure that they’ve met all your requirements. Practice it more and more as it is brilliantly said, “Practice makes a man perfect.”