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Organisation Feed and one click share
Get organization approved content
One place for the employees to get employer branding related content to be shared on social network.
Pre filled status message
Status messages are pre populated with an option to edit for employees. This makes it a frictionless and easy way for employees to share organization content on social media.
Sharing and engagement points
These points are shown here and this motivates the employees to share.
Easy share
Employees have just a one click share to share this content across multiple social networks.
Select Specific group of employees based on function or designation
Select right employees
Share the message with right group of employees handling specific functions who will then forward it in their social network.
Parameters to choose employees
Parameters can be based on function, domain, location, designation, gender and can be customized during the account creation.
Daily, weekly and monthly
Leaderboard can be observed for different durations. Companies can have reward programs accordingly.
Employees receive points for sharing and engagements.
Changes in rank
Employees can track the changes in rank and the points required to get on to the next rank and other gamification factors to drive better engagement.
Personal Branding & Thought Leadership
Personal Branding & Thought Leadership
Amplispot gives employees an option to create their personal brand and be known as a thought leader. Majority of our users use the platform for personal branding and it helps them to maintain the right social profile.
Feature rich
Amplispot provides social analyser , tonefy and many other tools to ensure employees can create good personal brands on social. Read more about how we help individual here.
Schedule or queue
Instead of sharing all the content on social media at one go , we help you space it out. Spend sometime and schedule all your posts for the entire week. The scheduled posts will be shared with your friends and followers at the scheduled time without you being present on social throughout.
See the content you have lined up for sharing in social media.
On signing up with Amplispot select your area of interest and we regularly share the best content from that interest area. You can also search for the content in your area of interest in our search tool. We show you the most highly shared content with their share counts.
See detailed analytics of the posts you’ve shared. Understand which employees are rockstars on social media. Get deep insights on what’s working and what’s not.
Social media allows you to make your jobs more human. Tell talent about the people behind your products. Trust your recruiters to be your digital warriors. Don’t second guess it.
Celinda Appleby
Engagement has to be human because people trust people more than brands. Our employees are the ones who personify Shell.
Ana Alonso
Our recruiters ask hiring managers to social share their vacancy in their networks. That is the most valuable way to get new candidates it's almost like referral recruitments
Lennart Sloof
Employees who are smart and highly motivated know other smart and highly motivated people. If the employee has a first-hand relationship with someone who's applying for a job they can essentially vouch for that person.
Adina Sterling
UPS does not want just to jobs broadcast through already-created channels. It is going to have more people work on a social media recruiting,making it more interactive, more of a conversation,less one way. It will make more videos and have more ways for candidates to interact with current employees.
Matt Lavery
Amplispot helps create a great brand on social media.
Stop worrying about your social media presence,
we’ll help you take care of that.

30 day trial No credit card required No obligation

30 day trial No credit card required No obiligation