Today’s clients expect timely, personalized communication delivered through the digital channels they use every day

Amplispot is the leading digital communications platform for insurance firms, enabling easy and efficient engagement across social networks, email, websites and text messaging.


Accelerate your productivity and build deeper relationships that drive business growth

Engage clients across digital channels

Amplispot makes it easy to engage prospects and clients across the communication channels they use most – social media, email, local websites and text messaging. Provide a seamless customer experience using a comprehensive

and compliant platform built specifically for agents.

Put the Power of Social Selling,
in your Pocket

Manage your social media on-the-go with the Amplispot mobile app for iOS or Android. Attract prospects, retain customers and grow your business, right from your phone

Deliver a personalized message,
on the right channel, at the right

Amplispot Content delivers curated feeds of the most engaging content for your audience. With a personalized onboarding experience that quickly captures information about you and an AI-engine that captures and analyzes which posts

get the most engagement, the system is continuously learning and provides content recommendations tailored specifically to you and your clients

Make the right next move

Don’t waste time trying to figure out your next marketing move. Amplispot scans client activity and behavior and uses machine learning to provide a prescriptive to-do list so you know exactly what action to take next. And Amplispot Triggered Actions take your productivity to the next level with turnkey industry

workflows that solve “last mile” interactions with clients — like RMD reminders or meeting confirmations — in just 1-clic

Easily create & adjust policies

Each company’s policy is different and policies often change over time. Amplispot provides flexible policy controls so compliance leaders can create and adjust policies based on evolving company standards and changes in regulations

Be findable online

You don’t have to be a website or marketing expert for new clients to find you. With Amplispot, you can easily create and manage a personally and corporate branded online presence including a modern, mobile-friendly agent website and

across social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Text compliantly, talk reliably


Text messaging is the most efficient, effective way to get in touch with clients today. Amplispot lets you text with clients, while staying in compliance.