Consent for the Sharing of Information with
Liberty Insurance Berhad (Liberty)
Saasspot Technologies Private Limited (Saasspot)

I hereby confirm that I am an agent of Liberty and that in the process of solicitation of insurance business of Liberty, I agree that my Facebook and /or other social media accounts (Social Media Accounts) can be used and/or accessed for social media branding to allow Liberty approved advertisement content (“Content”) to be displayed on such Account(s). For this purpose, I acknowledge and am aware that Liberty will be utilising the services of an external service provider, Saasspot, which is engaged in the business of social media branding of online profiles via its Amplispot tool (Amplispot).

By proceeding with the registration process in Amplispot, I hereby give my consent and authorize Liberty and /or Amplispot:

  1. To post Content on my behalf on my Social Media Accounts, and such Content may provide my name and contact details including my phone number as recorded with Liberty. If I wish to object to the posting of the whole or any part of the Content, I will do so within two (2) days as otherwise, I will be deemed to have consented to the posting of such Content.

  2. To allow Liberty and /or Amplispot to remove any Content on my Social Media Accounts if such Content is deemed offensive or non-compliant with the Code of Conduct prescribed by PIAM and the terms of my Agency agreement with Liberty as decided in Liberty’s sole discretion.

  3. I have been made aware of the Liberty Data Privacy Policy and the applicable aspects of the Personal Data Protection Act, 2010 (“PDPA”), as amended from time to time and confirm and hereby authorize Liberty to share my information (including my personal data), as submitted to Liberty, with its group companies, affiliates and any of Liberty’s third party service providers/entities and other third party entities, that is interested in providing any other kind of services and/or for any analytical purposes, which are in furtherance to or in addition to general insurance services.


I warrant and represent that:

  1. I will not change/modify the Content posted by Amplispot which may lead to non-compliance with any governing regulatory authorities in Malaysia. In case I change/modify any Content, I will be responsible for its compliance and to this extent, agree to indemnify Liberty for the noncompliance (if any) on my Social Media Accounts. 

  2. I recognize that the Content posted on my Social Media Account(s) by Amplispot would be a copyright of Amplispot and Liberty would be responsible only for the specific Content which is approved by it

  3. All queries raised by visitors to my Social Media Accounts will be addressed by me in accordance with the Code of Conduct prescribed by PIAM and the terms of my Agency agreement with Liberty.


I agree that this Consent and Warranty/Representation shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Malaysia.

By clicking on the ACCEPT button I certify that I have gone through the contents herein and hereby give my consent by my own free will after carefully and fully understanding the same.