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Professional marketing indicates that you’re a reputable business. Having smart email marketing campaigns & social media marketing helps establish credibility, build trust & engender goodwill towards your business
Marketing builds reputations
As a business owner, you are ought to have a good reputation. It truly can be the deciding factor whether or not a customer chooses to reach out to you or your competitor
Marketing generates referrals
20% of your existing customers will generate 80% of new referrals for you, consistently keeping in touch with your existing customers will help you generate these referrals
Marketing builds life-long relationships
To turn first-time customers into lifelong fans who will sustain your business, you have to establish & build relationships with them. Sending post-purchase follow-up emails & sharing educative content can help
What amplispot does for you
Professional Marketing
With Amplispot, it is like having your own marketing team with experts in social media marketing, email marketing, designers working for you in creating & distributing the best content
Customized Branding
All the content we share are customized to your branding & are designed to showcase your expertise in your field
Automated Sharing
We are a pre-configured marketing automation platform. Your monthly newsletter email campaigns. email user journey. social media campaigns are all designed, scheduled & configured by us. All you need to do is approve the content & campaigns you like
Track & Generate Business
We help you spot your most engaged customers & prospects. Our AI engine gives you soft nudges to engage more with people likely to take an action
3 steps for life-long free marketing
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Handling your social media presence, running email marketing campaigns & creating stunning website, our marketing team is in place with you
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We take charge of your social media pages, run ads on social platforms, up-to-date website & keep a track on the campaign that generated more traffic
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After the campaign is live, our marketing experts review the same & further modify future marketing strategies, engage customers & help grow faster
Start your free marketing now
It’s like having your own marketing team working for you 24X7