Social Media Marketing
Get captivating content
It is important you present your business professionally across social media since your business is being judged by potential customers
We post eye catching infographics on your social media accounts to attract & engage prospects
Consistent content sharing
Many a times we start posting but lack consistency. With us, you are assured on regular posting on your social media profiles
Discuss Social media performance reports & share insights with your team. Together we tailor your social marketing campaigns
Email Marketing
Email Smart content
We share educational emails with your existing clients to position you as a helpful expert rather than a pushy sales person
Automate your email
Your email is timed, scheduled & highlights the most engaged contacts on your list. We share 2 emails a month ensuring you have consistent top of mind recall with your clients
Marketing automation
We have also mapped out user journey for prospects. Your prospects will be sent a series of email over 15-20 days helping support your offline sales efforts
Personalized approach
Add value to your email by giving personalized approach to recipients. Choose a specific audience or reach your entire email contact list in a few clicks
Professional Website
Social Media Integration
Connect all your social media accounts with website & allow visitors to get engrossed with social content on your website
Tailor made content
Your website will include professional designed images, infographics, videos & social content customized with your name & contact details
Mobile optimized
Your website will automatically look stunning on any device. We know you will probably get more traffic from mobile & we prepare to impress them
Regular update
With latest blog we keep your website updated. When the visitors, prospects & existing clients visit your website they know they are dealing with the right business
Review (Coming Soon)
A boost in your sales
Reviews scale up your sales by giving consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase a product or service
Improves rankings
Online reviews work towards improving website ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & more
Higher keyword content
Allows a steady influx of SEO keywords as it helps your website have higher prominence in search results for clients looking for the type of service you provide
Personalized approach
This creates a social community of consumer engagement that allows consumers to form an attachment to both the business & the other consumers as well
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